Monday, November 26, 2007

First Family Picture

We had Family pictures taken during Thanksgiving break. I was really worried that they would turn out bad.First they were runing behind and It was almost time for lunch. The lady taking the pictures did such a good job they came out great. Well I think they did. So a little Preview.



Your family is so cute, that is a really good picture, the kids are getting so big! I hope you guys had a good thanksgiving! David, Tannon and I want to come visit sometime so the kids can play! Well have a happy holiday!

Bri, Lis and Lex said...

Cute BREWERS!!! I cant believe your kid-o's are gonna be ONE!!!!!! HOLY COW!!!

The Lee Family said...

The picture is awesome! Both babies are smiling and you Dave look great! That never happens! What luck!!!