Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 4, 2008



When all was said and done they liked dressing up , saying hello and by-by to those that came to the door, and most of all eating the chocolate. They know that word really good. We had fun and I was glad Dave was able to spend time with us. He had a test that day and passed!!!
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The day of





This was the first Halloween that we took the kids out. We only went to 3 houses. It was raining. They got tonz of candy. Fun things like glow sticks,popcorn balls and all kids of good stuff. Courtney held on to her bucket the whole time and would go up the the people and get her stuff. Colton gave me the bucket and just watched. He did love the first house they had all kinds of blowup things. lights and of course PUMPKINS. They love them. It is so cute to hear them so it.
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Trick or treat





PUMPKIN TIME! While the kids were sleeping I made my POOH Bear Pumpkin. The kids loved it. They didnt know if they should say Pooh bear or PUMPKINS. Dave came home from school and we let them try it out. Courtney didnt mind it. Colton wanted nothing to do wit it. He did want to help dad carve it.
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