Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What we have been up to


This was one of me latest projects. SO EASY!!!!. I know when I blog I do a lot at one time,I just need to get better at this and do it like once a week. What Dave is up to- finishing his 2ND year of school. Taking tests on infectious diseases. He is doing great, his last test he didn't miss any. He wont tell you that,he just says he passed. Someone has to brag. He studies so hard. I have been packing boxes. I know I still have 2-3 months still in Utah. I don't like to wait around for things. Hope you like the pictures.
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Superman OR Batman!!!

Colton loves the cape. I did not make this one. This is Daves from his Childhood.
Colton prefers Superman. He runs around the house trying to hold out the cape. It is so cute.

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Tutu girl

Anytime,anyplace. The tutu is on the move.
She spines.
She jumps.
She sticks out her tonge?
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Colton wanting to be just like DAD



He is so cute. Dads had and moms shoes. They fit better then Dads skate shoes.
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Play time

Courtney likes to use the phone. She calles everyone she knows. Papa,Maria,Dad,mom,and Grandma.
They love to chase each other around this chair. Until Colton catches up with Courtney and runs her over,then the fun is over.
Colton letting me know he is 2 or 3.
Courtney puts her two fingers together to make 2. What a smart girl.
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backyard adventures

Me ,Colton ,Courtney and Nate.
Denise,nate,colton,and Courtney
The boys having so much fun. After they figured out how they could climb and go down the slides they were having so much fun.
Courtney was doing her own thing. She really liked all the stuff that you could bounce on. She jumps all the time. This place was really cool. Everythimg is inside,and $5.00 a kids for 1 1/2hrs.
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Play house Disney

Do they look alike or what!
The drink was more exciting then watching Mickey Mouse.
The show was really great. The pictures did not turn out so good.
They had all the Characters and songs. The kids really liked it. Colton was asking about Mickey Mouse the rest of the day.
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