Tuesday, February 24, 2009

two two year olds

What do you do when you have two two year olds that don't want to listen to you anymore? This has been a couple hard days. They are normally the best kids. Now Colton throws things and says "NO" all the time. He was talking in his sleep the other night yelling "NO". Dave says "he was yelling at me".He is right.Colton only tells me NO. Courtney is starting to see what he does and does the same things in her own sassy way. I just want this to end. I made Courtney a Tutu on Sunday,she loved it. The problem is Colton wants one to. Can you make a boy a Blue Tutu? Not in this family. Grandpa is sending use on of Dave's old Superman Capes. I hope that will work. The fun off having a boy and girl. We really do love them. Sometimes I just want to pull my hair out. THE END.