Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers out there. I hope you all had a relaxing day. My day started out great and ended even better. The kids were wonderful at church. I made a good dinner( Dave had a test on Monday so ...) He did get me a great gift. I have been wanting the new Cricut Expression machine for scrapbooking. I went on Ebay and found some great deals on new ones,was bidding and never one. I was ready to give up. Last week when Dave was studying he was also bidding for me and he one. I was able to open it early. I could not wait. On Monday Dave did take me out to lunch after his test. HE PASSED!!! We are done with test taking until Aug. Dave I am so proud of you.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1, 2008

So Dave comes in this morning, " there is snow everywhere and it is May first." I don't like this Utah weather. Two days ago it was 80 and now it is snowing we are going to get more tonight. Who wants to go back to AZ. ME ME ME. Dave got his summer rotation,he will be at Kohlers Pharmacy for 6 weeks then he is trying to find another place to work for the next 6 weeks before school starts up again. So far he has done great on all his tests and doesn't have to do any summer make up tests. He has one more them we are done with this first year. Dave laughs when I say we are done. Like I went to school also. I am so proud of him he has worked so hard and also fits us in.

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The new chairs




Dave and I have been wanting to get the kids some fun chairs. We finally did and they love them. THis chair made Courtney want to walk. She sits in it then stands up and she is off. It is so fun to watch her walk around the house. Colton I think likes it to. Colton likes his chair but more for throwing and steping onto it. Oh Colton also likes to have control of the remote. I wonder were he gets that from.
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Ice Crean from Maggie Moos





When Grandpa was in town I wanted to get some Ice Cream. The kids wanted some too. They eat most of mine, Dark Chocolate,fudge and Strawberries. It was so good. They were not very happy when I took it away.
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