Monday, June 23, 2008

18 months

The twins are 18 months and Dave and I have been married for 4 years. The time has gone by so fast. Sunday they went to nursery they were good the first hour. Dave and I were in Sunday school wondering who was going to go get them first. It was strange being able to listen to the lesson. We looked in after and they were good. I went to Rel-society, and Dave went to Priesthood. Dave went to check on them and Courtney was BALLING sitting in the teachers lap. So he went in to get her, guess who saw him and pushed is way through the toys and kids to not be left behind. I found them in the hall, we went back in they did fine while we were in there. Grandpa Brewer left us on Saturday Colton cried. We had lots of fun swimming, museums.parks and lots of eating out. We cant wait until he comes back with Lexi.


I really don't have a big story as to why I have not posted in a month. EXCEPT I have been scrapbooking like crazy to get caught up. I have finally finished the first year of the twins. Now I am on to a new book. We had Fathers Day I was doing good I though. Saturday I made butterscotch rolls( Christmas Rolls). I forgot that some stuff leaked out of the pan onto the oven. MY oven is retarded. If anything spills it makes a really bad smell when you tern the oven on again. Any way Sunday I had the Lazana all ready to go in when we get back from church. Turn the oven on and STINK the house was so bad the kids had to eat such out side and when the lazana was done it had a bad taste to it. Dave was like to have to eat this. IT was really bad. So Daves Fathers Day was not that great.