Monday, November 26, 2007

Our first Thanksgiving





So these are our beautiful pictures of the Bird. Dave did a good job for his first time. He always paid close attention to what his mom did. I made the roles,stuffing,potatos,gravy,green bean caseral, and the pies well they are from Villageinn. All and all we hade a great day. Courtney and Colton helped out also. Life is back to normal. Dave went back to school today and I can get somethings done. We did love having Dave home for a week it went by to quick.
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Kolter & Lindsey said...

Wow we really missed out! On our cruise the Thanksgiving meal sucked - I wish we could have taken you up on your invitation! Did you ever get the blog message from me that I didn't have your phone #? Now that I think about it I could have called like 30 different people and got your phone #... WOW I'm a thinker. Anyway, glad to see you had a successful dinner! And the family picture is ADORABLE! Everyone is smiling!