Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Courtney all over the place





Courtney is so much fun. she wants to do everything Colton is doing. She is pulling herself up and gets so excited. She loves the stairs. She is my talker.
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jackson family said...

love that age when there are just little movers getting into everything...when they get older it makes you mad but when they are little it is just fun


She is so cute I can't believe how much they are growing. I bet you have you hands full with both of them.

Lissy said...

Wow! Katie youve got your hands full!!! I wonder if all the talking is a girl thing? Lexi seems to like the sound of her own voice a little too much. Hmmm like me. I love the cupcake outfit!

I cant believe how big they are. We want to come visit! Hey... what are you guys doing for Daves spring break? Ill be in AZ for Brians! (hint hint...)