Friday, February 15, 2008

We had a chance to do some snowboarding when Grandpa came to visit. This is Dave.
This is the mountain

I am weaving at the camera. So we do have so perks living in Utah. The bad stuff came Wednesday afternoon. The power went out for 2 1/2 hrs. Yes Melissa after I got off the phone with you it went out. Dave got home just in time before they shut the main road to get in the neiborhood. Meening there is no other way. Kids had to stay over night in schools and buses. People also slept at the Mavericks gas station at our exit. 70 mph winds were coming off the mountain so the snow was blowing like crazy. Dave only had to stop a couple times in the neigborhood cause he could not see anything. Dave did get to stay home Valentines Day. You may think how nice. He was upstairs studing all day for his test today. So it was like he was at school. Oh I almost forgot. Tuesday Dave almost Crashed my car going to school. Going down the hill by Cabelas you can pick up speed and Dave thinks he is a race car driver in my car anyway. So he is going 50 and thinks he sees a cop so he looks behind him to see if they durn around. No, so he turns back around and sees a deer in infront of him. He moves to the left to find another deer moves to the right and gets out without deer marking on the car. I dont know were they came from. MAYBE CABELAS??? I thought they were all dead animals in there.
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Lissy said...

Oh my GOSH! I think ill wait and make sure the snow is GONE before i come out!!! Im sorry about the power! I cant believe that. And DAVE!!!! YOURE IN TROUBLE! YOU AND YOUR BROTHER THINK YOU ARE THE "BEST" DRIVERS! Must be a Brewer thing!!!! Watch out for Colton!!! and WATCH OUT FOR DEER!!! (thats my worst FEAR!) I see them dead in the road all the time. Sad! Well... i hope you had a happy Valentines!!!!

jackson family said...

oh my gosh...I am so glad I dont live in the snow it is so pretty and so fun but not asa constant thing...but look at you boarding that makes me jealous! I heard people had to get shuttled off of school buses to churches for the night so scarey for those kids!

The Lee Family said...

OK, Jared wanted to move to utah for a while and I NEVER did! Now I know why! THat is way too scary!