Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Easter trip

  This was Courtney and Coltons first plan ride. They eat as we waited to get on, they eat as we waited to take off,they eat as we were in the air,and they eat all the way to Grandpas house. They did good. The only seat left on the plain was next to us.
 Courtney was drinking from the straw for the first time at Tia Rosas we had to go atleast once this trip.
 Aunt Kristin and Courtney are having fun.
 This was taken easter day. The kids looked so cute but Church was another story.

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Yeagers said...

Love all the pictures & your hair is so cute!

Lis said...

They DO look cute! I love the easter outfits! Im sad we missed you guys but IM COMING TO SEE YOU THIS SUMMER! I guess its for the better anyway since Lexi will actually be able to PLAY with your kids then! Looks like you guys had fun! I bet Kristin was LOVING being there with your kids!!!! Did i tellyou i love Coltons new hair cut too?? Its very cute! Oh and My friend Becky was at Dans and saw your family picture and said WHOA! THey got A LITTLE DAVE AND A LITTLE KATIE! Its so true! How much more perfect could it get! Did you get a new car seat yet??

Kolter & Lindsey said...

These pictures are adorable!! I'm jealous you got to go to Arizona! We miss it BAD. Especially with this crappy weather we have.