Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What we have been up to this past week

We had lost of fun. Well the kids and I did. We went to the Petting Farm or the Farm Country over at Thanksgiving point. We went last summer a couple of times the kids really didn't know the animals. They do now. We walked in and heard cows,chickens,goats,horses,roosters,and a Donkey. Yes they have a donkey that made its noise like three times when we were there. Its is so loud. Colton screamed when the goat tried to get corn out of his hand and Courtney just looked at it like TAKE THIS,EAT IT. Courtney was running all over the place. We went with some friends and they were like I don't know how you do it. They had three kids. I must have looked like I was going crazy. We also went on Saturday to the Canyon and had lunch. My kids would touch everything and Say"DIRTY". Colton even tried cleaning the fire pit with his hands. We all had alot of fun. I wish every week was that eventful. Nursery up date. They stayed the whole two Hours without us. I was very lonely. Dave was with me,he keeps me entertained.