Friday, August 22, 2008

20 months





We are back home. Dave starts school Monday. The kids I hope will get used to just me being around. They were there Cheer full selves this morning. Colton has been sleeping on the floor for the past two days. I will tell the story. We came home from AZ. Colton climbed right out,at first he could not open the door. He got so mad that he did. So I put the child lock on,he Brock it off. The first night he slept with us. I could only put up with the screaming for 2 hours. I got a new lock to put on that I can lock from the out side. That worked. But he still got out. So I just let him sleep on the floor. Naps and all. Today we put the toddler bed together. Now I cant get him out of it. Courtney even likes it. We go into the room and they jump in. He even got in after his bath naked. I love it!!!!! I hope all is good through the night. So far it is quite in there.
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