Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The day of





This was the first Halloween that we took the kids out. We only went to 3 houses. It was raining. They got tonz of candy. Fun things like glow sticks,popcorn balls and all kids of good stuff. Courtney held on to her bucket the whole time and would go up the the people and get her stuff. Colton gave me the bucket and just watched. He did love the first house they had all kinds of blowup things. lights and of course PUMPKINS. They love them. It is so cute to hear them so it.
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The Kids look so cute, love the costumes. The pumpkins are cute too! I am glad you guys had a fun Halloween.

Lis said...

okay i seriously dont know how you come up with such COOL pumpkin things EVERY YEAR?? Thats so freakin awesome!!! We need to live closer to you guys!!!! Dang!

Jewelia Eagar said...

sooo cute. can't wait to see you guys at christmas :)