Monday, April 20, 2009






The Easter Bunny came while we were at church and hid the eggs and Baskets with backpacks inside. We told the kids the bunny was coming the night before and didn't say anything to them before we went to church. During sacrament Colton says "MOM were is the Easter Bunny, and my colored eggs". I was so happy he remembered. Anyways, we got home and Colton was off to find the eggs,he did great picking them up THROWING them into the basket. Courtney,she would open them up to find the CHOCOLATE and into the mouth it went. We have this on video, and Courtney is going UMUMUMUM CHOCOLATE the whole time. She cant get enough. Over all we had a great day and even flew some kites with one of Dave's friends from school.I like having people come over and eat with us. I always make alot for extra people.
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Lis said...

I want to come eat over there. I need some cooking pointers!!! Thats cute Colton remembered!!! Awww! Sounds to me Like Lexi has some of each of them in her! She LOVES candy and I cold totally see her THROWING her eggs. I wish we could come visit. Lexi LOVES her cousins!!!

Kristin Brewer said...

Look at the Potty Girl! Can't wait to see the chocolate video. C & C are so fun!