Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I don't have a good reason for not updating our blog. WE have had a great holiday season. Dave had 3 weeks off, so we went home for 2 weeks and spent the other time in the SNOW. I should say SNOWED IN. I have so many pictures of went on I am not going to tell you what ever picture is. I hope you can figure it out. We had Birthdays Our whole family is in the 2s. The twins are 2 years old,Dave is 28 and I am 29. Christmas was fun we buy way to many gifts for the kids. They are having so much fun playing with them. OH we also had a Christmas party at our house before we went to warm weather. There is some video of that. Have fun looking!Happy New year!


TJ and Jen Sherwood said...

That picture of you guys at the top of your page is sooo cute! You guys all look so good. It was fun to see you during the break!


It was so good to see you and the kids when you were down visiting. Your kids are growing up so fast, I still remember when both of us were pregnant. I am glad you finally updated your blog, it looks like you guys had a good Christmas and the kids had a good birthday, the monkey cakes are way cute. Oh and I also love the family picture you used as your header, way cute.