Thursday, January 29, 2009

The past two weeks

I was really gonna try to be good about updating ,BUT well ya. Two Sundays ago Dave took Colton to the ER to get his for head glued back together. Colton is very Strong willed if you want to call it that. Rasco had to come (BEAR) and Colton was yelling for him when the tried touching his head. Dave told me that a lady ( BIG LADY) in a wheelchair would go by and Colton would say "Big Truck". Every time she went by. He did not have to get stitches which was a good thing,they would have had to put him out. Monday we went to the Dino Museum. Dave was home he got a 100% on his test. He is doing great,we are so proud of him. Saturday while Dave studied up on Cancer I took the kids to see a train Show. Colton loved it and wanted to touch everything. Courtney just looked, and wanted to go whatever direction I was not going. Over all we had fun. Colton is really into trains and CARs. They are so much fun at this age.


jackson family said...

rewind....why did the head need to be glued??!
I am sticking to my first thoughts colten looks just like dave adn courtney like crazy!

Lis said...

hes soooo funnY! Dan has been talking about the big truck lady for WEEKS! I dont think ill ever get tired of that story! LOVE IT! We miss you guys!!!!!!!!


I am glad that Colten is ok, but what happened to him?
And the Museum and Train Show looked like alot of fun and tell your husband to keep up the good work, hes almost done soon, right?